Good HVAC Contractors

In the world of real estate there is one thing you must know… and that’s a lot of people who do great work to help you and your clients when things don’t always go right or break down. With the heat of summer being in the 90’s-100s regularly from July-Sept here in South Carolina having a great air conditioning contractor is paramount.

Taking care of your HVAC unit is a must. I have seen many a home owner that has had nightmare problems with their air conditioning units because they didn’t practice proper HVAC maintenance. If most home owners would just take the time to search even Youtube for HVAC repair, upkeep, and maintenance they’d find out it’s not that hard to keep up with cleaning and clearing out a few things and it makes a huge difference that will save them tons of headaches in the long run.

One Houston TX HVAC installation technician told me that if home owners just blew out their drain pipe for their AC unit just Air Conditioning Repair Houston TXonce it year that he wouldn’t get near as many repair calls. That is such a simple thing to do that a kid in elementary school could do it. Water is the main problem with air conditioning units causing problems because condensation causes the pipes to drip water into the pan and if the pan isn’t set to drain properly then it fills up and over flows over. If the drain pipe for that pan is clogged in anyway then there is no where for that water to go. It’s not rocket science just simple gravity and cleaning. Nothing tricky.

My suggestion to home owners who live in regions like Houston TX or SC is to either spend $100 year and hire a company to do a twice year maintanence check on your system, or click the Youtube link above and learn some simple techniques to keeping your HVAC unit clean and running well.

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