Decrease home insurance cost Charleston, SC

The amount of the incentive varies according to risk associated with the geographical location, building materials, and construction methods of each home as well as actuarial data from individual insurance companies. (Discounts apply only to the hurricane-wind portion of your policy; contact your insurance agency for more information.)

You may qualify for a DISCOUNT ON YOUR HOMEOWNERS INSURANCE. To qualify you must submit an inspection from a state certified wind mitigation inspector, licensed contractor, building inspector, architect, or engineer, legally validating and identifying the existence of any wind mitigation measures, such as:

  1. Roof Shape
  2. Roof Deck Attachment
  3. Roof Covering
  4. Roof to Wall Connectors
  5. Window Protection
  6. Door Protection
  7. Secondary Water Resistance (barrier)
  9. Updated Electrical system
  10. Secured and improved foundation
  11. Replace with new Roof

For Flood Insurance – Newer foudation Vents (such as

If you have a hip roofpermanently installed approved shutters for windows and doors or any of the above credits you may qualify for discounts on the wind portion of your insurance policy.

Typical Construction Features that Reduce Wind Damage and Loss
Info Gathered From: American Property Consultants

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